We fell in love with Barjac on a chance visit many years ago. We jumped at the opportunity to buy the house by the ‘swift’ tree when it was offered for sale and it’s now been fully renovated.

Originally part of the town’s fortifications, the tiny strip of houses next to the chateau dates from the Renaissance and ours was a weaver’s before being abandoned earlier last century. It’s now divided into an upper and lower apartment. Many of the original features have been restored along with bright new kitchens and bathrooms.

We hope you’ll enjoy this historic house, the beautiful town and, of course, the uplifting sight and sound of the martinets flying around the tree during the summer evenings...


Welcome to Maison Martinet

“There’s an ancient plane tree that stands on the Rue Du Chateau where the road slopes steeply up to the castle.

At certain times of year the tree swirls into life as dozens of swifts - martinets in French - circle the leafy branches at high speed in the evening sunshine, almost within touching distance of the house.”